Upload & Transform Season 5 Is Here!

Upload & Transform Season 5 Is Here!
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They say faith and action together lead to transformation. We are witness to this exact statement! With our Upload & Transform initiative, we, at Godrej Interio, have not just transformed homes, but also etched people’s lives with happiness. As we ring in the 5th season of this initiative this year, we cannot help but reminisce all the makeovers that we did the year before!
Of the several home transformations, here’s a glimpse into 5 different kinds of makeover we gave to the living rooms of 5 different people.

The Synthesis of Opulence and Comfort
Pooja Kopargaonkar, a fashion blogger from Indore, one of the winners from last year, wanted to bring in positivity and a cheerful environment to her home. She wanted to give a gift to her ailing mother a change of environment, and a renovation that would help her recover soon.

We took a tour of the living room and realized that the room lacked character. It needed to be done up in a way which would a depth of identity to it. Our experts came up with the idea of using the Opulent Theme for the living room: painting the walls purple and completing the look with plush and metallic furnishings. Plunge sofa and Techno recliner were brought in, which gave a cozy and comfortable vibe to the room. To further complete the look, we added the Gayle table and Avana chest of drawers. All our efforts definitely paid off when we saw how happy Pooja’s mother was upon seeing the transformation!


Purples and mauves contrasted with beige and brown hues instantly spell luxury!

Juxtaposing Serenity with Modernism

Ruchi Pundhir, from Delhi, wanted a makeover for her home that would reflect her efficient lifestyle with a touch of modernity.

Our experts visited her home and realized that the furniture in living room was too bulky and the colors used were heavy on the eyes. So, to bring in a fresh and serene look, our experts decided to implement the ‘Forest Retreat’ look. The color palette used was of natural colors such as greens, browns and greys. The wall was painted with a light shade of green that enhanced the calm look of the room. The space was then filled in with Alexandra sofa and Casanova sofa with some bright throw pillows and colorful accessories.


Playing with forest hues to reflect a luxurious lifestyle

Small Can Be Classy Too!

Next, we gave a transformation to Chandrasekhar’s living room. Chandrasekhar, a resident of Dharavi, wanted to bring in a light of charm to his cluttered and dull living room.

The challenge faced by our experts was to transform a small space which would look high on functionality but at the same time shouldn’t look cluttered. The makeover was kick-started by painting the walls with cream color but adding pops of blue, reds and greys to it through our décor and furniture. We brought in our Casanova sofa cum bed, which gave the multifunctional charm to the room and a dual tone Storewell that would keep the room from looking messy! A mini four-seater dining table and Boomerang chair accentuated our theme further. Upbeat furniture and zesty accessories brought the much needed liveliness to the small living room! Chandrasekhar was sure overjoyed with it!


A dreamy room, that’s high on functionality

Livening Up with Sorbet Hues!

Anita from Mumbai, wanted a makeover that would make her living room lively and comfortable. Her living room lacked lighting and the furniture was arranged in a cluttered way.

After taking a good look at her living room, our experts realized that they had to find a way to brighten up the room with the right blend of colors. So, the theme Sorbet: of bright colors was decided upon. The walls were painted with a light green hue and to compliment it, a tan colored Plunge sofa was introduced in the room. The Bloom coffee table was added as a centerpiece. The décor was made up of floral and geometric designs with pop colors that made the room look spacious and bright. Thus, Anita’s quest for a bright and decluttered living room was achieved.


An interplay of lights and colors can transform the room to look airy and spacious

Of Warmth & Family

Swati Kungwani from Ahmedabad, one of the winners selected from our Twitter contest, told us how she wanted her living room to reflect her family-oriented personality. She wanted a living room, where she could relax with her friends and family.

Our experts saw that her living room was filled with heavy and outdated furniture and the dull pastel shades made it look gloomy. The room was done up in combination of white, beige and gold. Vida sofa set was brought in that made the room look spacious and the Bloom centre table fit in perfectly with the theme. The room was given a touch of shimmer accessories, thus completing the modern look with an authentic touch!


Plush colors and shimmering accessories instantly add warmth to a room!

These were just few ways in which we transformed living rooms last year! If you want a makeover for any of your rooms, just get in touch with us, to win the best home transformation ever!

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