Prabhu Deva’s Gift To His Parents!


At the end of the day, the most overwhelming key to a child’s success is the positive involvement of the parents. Most children always dream of giving back to their parents the same comfort, support and love that they received. One of India’s most celebrated dancer and choreographer, Prabhu Deva, had a similar wish. He wanted to gift his parents a perfect new home, decked with things that would make it a comfortable abode. And we decided to help him make that wish come true.

The house we were about to transform was Prabhu Deva’s parents’ brand new home. This meant that we had a completely blank canvas that could be given an identity of its own. Prabhu Deva wanted to create a flawless masterpiece for his parents that would be comfortable, and perfect for having a relaxing daily routine. He personally looked into minute details, guiding us with intricate tips coming from his mom.

Our experts met Prabhu Deva and after understanding his vision for the home transformation and examining it completely, they knew exactly what had to be done.

We kick-started the transformation by re-painting the walls with their initial cream colour. However, to bring life into the house, our experts decided to add pops of blue, green, brown, teal and cream through the décor and furniture.

The palatial quality of the living room was enhanced by our Broadway Sofa. Cream and pastel coloured cushions with bead embroidery, gold brocade and frills lay onto the Sofa, giving it a very modern yet a classy feel.

Next was Prabhu Deva’s parent’s bedroom, which was given a very earthy feel by using browns, yellows, creams and greys. The upholstery was sheer and lightweight to let in lots of sunshine and breeze. The white Boomerang Table complemented the earthy tones. The bed used was not the usual low-seating, but had a little height to it, which as told by Prabhu Deva would be perfect for his parents.

The final room we touched upon was Prabhu Deva’s bedroom, which we felt deserved a rustic country feel. Our choice of colour for his bedroom was pale blue that was complimented with personalized accessories such as picture frames and travel memorabilia. To complete the rustic look of the room, we added lamps and wall décor.

When Prabhu Deva and his parents were finally introduced to the transformed home, they were completely awestruck. They loved how the colours, décor and furniture had come together and imbued life into the house, truly turning into one warm and welcoming home!


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