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Everyone wants a home that speaks for itself, a place where all your worries are left behind, the moment you enter. These were also the thoughts of Pooja Kopargaonkar, one of the winners of Upload & Transform, Season 4.  A fashion blogger by profession, Pooja is based in Indore, and wanted to bring in positivity to her home and have a cheerful environment to live in.

Pooja has been living in the same house for the past 30 years and has memories which she holds very dear. However, her mother’s health has been deteriorating recently, and Pooja realised that through the transformation, she could get rid of the gloomy environment, which could help improve her mother’s condition. Excited about the transformation, she wanted to her home transformation to be a surprise to her ailing mother.3F3A5190

The current home she lived in was as simple as it could get, and barely had any furniture. Understanding her vision for the transformation, our team immediately began working towards building the home of her dreams.

The3F3A5207 problem with the room was that it lacked character and identity. To give the room some definition, our experts decided on the Opulent Blossom theme that would bring in a touch of royalty to her home. This theme would be brought to life with a rich colour palette, complete with lush furnishings and metallic accents.

To bring out the opulent theme of the room, our experts began by giving the walls a Purple touch. To complement the theme, we brought in the Plunge Sofa that gave the room a cheerful vibe. We also included a Techno Recliner that was a perfect piece of furniture that would cater to all of Pooja’s mother’s needs. The Gayle Table and Avana Chest of Drawers brought in shades of grey and brown, completing the royal and calm look of the room.

Put together, the purple walls brought in a touch of royalty, the furniture brought in a feeling of cosiness to the room and the residents, while the reflective décor created the illusion of space in the room. The transformation gave the room a look and feel, most apt for a fashion blogger!

Upon seeing how we had transformed her home, Pooja said, “My mom loved the surprise and the feeling is priceless. Thank you Godrej Interio for the excellent quality products and the much needed makeover.”




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