A Transformation To Bring Out Positivity In A Home!


Everyone wishes to have a perfect home that represents their personality. They also wish to have a home that is comfortable and secure, no matter how big or small it is. This is exactly what Anita, a residence of Mumbai and one of the winners of our Upload & Transform, Season 4 hoped for.

After being chosen as one of the winners for the home transformation, she wanted to create a space that was lively, comfortable and brought in positivity to her life.

As her current home had insufficient lighting with furniture organised in a cluttered way, Anita wanted to get rid of the mess and add a touch of her personality to the interiors.

Our experts met Anita and got to know her vision for the home transformation. After taking a good look at her place, the experts realised that the living room lacked adequate lighting, in spite of the windows. The challenge we faced was finding a way to brighten up the room, which we did by adding the right blend of vibrant colours into her home and furniture.

Keeping this in mind, the experts settled on the vibrant and sorbet theme that would make the home look bright and lively. They began by painting the walls with light green hue that brought positivity into the room. However, this wasn’t enough to transform the ambience of her home. So they decided to bring in a tan coloured Plunge Sofa, along with the Bloom Coffee Table as the centrepiece of the room.

To compliment the sofa and the coffee table, they threw in décor with floral and geometric accenst with pop colours that complemented the theme perfectly.

When put together, the colour on the walls, the modern furniture and the pop coloured décor blended perfectly and made the room look spacious while bringing in the positivity and comfort that Anita was looking for.



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