From Selling Homes to Getting a Dream Home: A Modern Home Makeover in Pune City

From Selling Homes to Getting a Dream Home: A Modern Home Makeover in Pune City
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The Living Room


An ambient and cozy living space, in his home city Pune, is what Pankaj Deshmukh always dreamt of. Owning a house was not enough, he desired of a home that is beautifully furnished to provide comfort to him and his family.

The Deshmukh family was looking for a modern home transformation with sleek furniture and a neutral colour palette. After understanding their needs and lifestyle, our experts opted for a contemporary makeover for their living room. The existing colors of the living room were dull and muted, thus lacked character.

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Warm Colour Palette and Spacious Sofa

The contemporary look included warm neutral colors such as browns and greys for the walls. For a relaxed living space, the Jinerio sofa set, Bloom center & corner table were short-listed for the seating area in the living room. Since, Pankaj Deshmukh specifically wanted a sleek TV unit, the Opera TV unit was the perfect choice to complement the modern look.

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Bloom Corner Table with Minimal Accessories

As our team of experts started executing their plan, Pankaj and his wife couldn’t resist their excitement to see their living room get transformed. They were overwhelmed with the Jinerio sofa, as it has a leather-like texture, yet it is easy to clean and hassle-free to maintain. They loved the comfortable and spacious look of their living room with the addition of Jinerio sofa. A storage cum TV unit was selected, which would keep the living space neat and tidy. The Bloom center and corner table complemented the seating space seamlessly!

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Sleek & Storage-Friendly Opera TV-Unit

To add a touch of elegance to the new home décor, our experts added accessories like lamps, a flower vase, a monochrome rug and some antique wall frames, which gave an artistic look to their living room.

Upon seeing the home transformed, the Deshmukh family was awe-struck and in total admiration of how their living room was transformed with the cozy furniture and subtle color palette. Beaming, smiling faces and loads of appreciation was what we received at the end of this beautiful quest of a home makeover!

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