Fresh, Functional & Family-Friendly Home Transformation!

Fresh, Functional & Family-Friendly Home Transformation!
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In a recent home transformation that we undertook for the Delhi-based Dua family, we had the task of giving a facelift to Dr Aman Dua’s admirable apartment, which had a lavish expanse of space.

For the family of six, the living room played the most important part in getting all the members of the house together. And that is what we undertook to redecorate. Their living room lacked identity and functionality. However, we wanted to respect the integrity of the existing home, using what was already the springboard to modernize how the home looks, feels, and works.

The challenge was set: To transform a well-loved family home both aesthetically and functionally.

Our design and build teams embraced the challenge with gusto!


Our experts decided to add a colorful vibe to the entire area. As the living room is the center of activity of the home, with two small children running around, it needed to be as child friendly as possible. We decided to simplify the seating with one extra-long sofa, the Broadway Sofa, instead of having a combination of sofa and chairs, cluttering the area.

Juxtaposing the classy beige and brown color of the Broadway Sofa, were the colorful cushions, and grounded the space with a geometric rug. Adding the rug was particularly exciting because it creates a fun and vibrant, yet cozy atmosphere. The room manages to look contemporary and yet full of character. That’s the ideal room for a vibrant family that the Dua’s, with just enough colour and liveliness.

In the center of the sofa, we added the Cario coffee table,  which was a focal point, and brought a sense of completion to the space. Also rearranging the couch seating made the space more inviting.


Art is a wonderful thing. It provides a completely fresh perspective to a home and can make you fall in love with the space instantly. For living spaces or bedrooms, any blank wall is the perfect candidate for a piece of art. we had the Dua family’s wall glint with gold-mirrored artworks.


To add a beautiful focal point, we arranged faux flowers in a graceful ceramic vase on our Cario Coffee Table. The lamp was added to give a warm and cozy feeling to the lounge in the evening. We opted for spring-inspired curtains for a wow factor that stuck to a fresh palette of soft purple, pink and pale green for a look that’s coordinated without being too ‘color coordinated’.


Most happy family moments are around mealtimes when friends and family gather to share jokes, old memories, and create more memories for the future. For their dining space, we opted for our 6-seater Saturn Dining Table keeping in mind the needs of the Dua family, who hold social gatherings from time to time. The chairs have a slick design, with slim legs and a sturdy backrest along with cozy, soft seat cushions in beige upholstery, making it a perfect choice for comfort and style.


The excited Dua family was enthralled on seeing the transformed space! They loved the mixture of textures, the rug, and the canvases on the wall, the glossy surfaces, and the shiny metals – as all those accents added to the happy vibe of the room.


So there you have it! A little fun, flora and colour…. and our dear Dua family’s living room looks brand new! It is the perfect makeover to improve the look and functionality of a property that caters to the needs of a growing family.

This post was written by Godrej Interio

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