A Home Makeover That Brought Randeep Hooda’s Family Closer!

A Home Makeover That Brought Randeep Hooda’s Family Closer!
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Celebrated Bollywood actor, Randeep Hooda often ends up spending a lot of time in hotels rather than in his house. His parents therefore, chose to surprise him by redoing his childhood abode. Their brief to Godrej Interio’s designers was to have a house that evokes the comfort and contentment of being right at home, to ensure that Randeep would have the feeling of “homecoming” every time he was here.”

Our experts were briefly explained about Randeep’s expectations of a home that should have an informal but comfortable look, with a mix of modern and antiques.’ Randeep says ‘A home should reflect the personalities of the people living there’. Hence, considering his love for horses, we decided to put up a picture of his horse in his nest.


Randeep’s Bedroom!

After gathering all the insights from Randeep’s parents and getting a know-how of his taste, our experts decided to start the transformation with the living room. The beautiful layout of the living room comprised a combination of muted pastels and eclectic show pieces. Comfort was key to the family and hence, Randeep’s father chose ‘The Ritz Sofa Set”, which is beautiful as well as comfortable’.


Contemporary Luxe – Living Room!

When it came to Randeep’s parent’s room, it had to be special! Perfectly, the Viva Bed set provided comfort and elegance to this room. The Duke Arm added additional beauty to the room.


What took a few seconds in the video, took a long time to prepare and transform in reality. To begin with, the kitchen was planned bearing in mind the Indian height and cooking culture. Godrej Interio brought in a useful angle of kitchen ergonomics.

Upon seeing the kitchen, Randeep’s mother, said, “The kitchen looked inviting and tempting to cook in”. The color palette of blue and white was used in the kitchen giving it a very bright and refreshing feel.


Minimal Kitchen Interiors!

The Dinette Marble was the very definition of opulence and gave the dining area a very luxurious look.



The Dinette Dinning Area!

It was now time to adorn with beauty the Star’s room! The Flute Bed set blended very well with the colors of the wall and gave an elite look to Randeep’s room. It was further decorated with a horse portrait and some artifacts. The room had a mellow and noble effect.


Randeep was surprised by the transformation and was in awe with the beauty of his revamped house! He said, “He was looking forward to spending more time and creating more memories in his house”. The house has now transformed into a sophisticated space which exudes warm and homeliness!

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